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A   T I M E   F O R   T R A D I T I O N S


We like to bring the Secret Santa tradition into our own home for a fabulous Twelve Days of Christmas pampering and surprises –  when you’re poking around a wine cabinet – or looking for crackers in the cupboard – you come upon a surprise. It’s the best way we know for slowly catching the spirit of the season in our family.

Set aside an evening, or weekend, for the cooks in your family (all ages welcome) or a flock of good friends to bake Christmas Cookies together. It makes it more fun, much more of a giggle!! Who cares if you eat more than you wrap!

Share a favorite Christmas memory during After Dinner Coffee or brandy with family or friends. Go around the circle with tales and lore. It will bring you all closer.
Go as a family to select your tree then spend an entire evening decorating the tree. Let Christmas music fill the house - have a fire aglow. Serve your favorite hot soup and warm bread with a special (but simple) dessert or slowly sip brandy while you enjoy the moment!!


After family dinners – play board games, take a walk together, read or tell stories, go skating, sledding – to a football game – a parade. Relate with your relatives and friends too.

The week between Christmas and New Year's is a quiet one in the world - a great time to spend time together doing things you never have time to do as a family the rest of the year
Have a long Sunday dinner mid-afternoon, then a walk.
Go for a winter hike and picnic in the woods.
While away the afternoon, playing Monopoly or Parcheesi.
Go to a concert or the ballet.
Build a snowman.
Make homemade marshmallows for Hot Chocolate.
Make homemade  pasta or bread together.

Use your Christmas dishes and best silver for every meal, starting just after Thanksgiving until the Feast of Epiphany (12th day of Christmas). Why not?

Have a Pot Luck supper so you can see friends and not do all of the work! Have each couple bring ornaments for all other couples to exchange. Bring five, come home with five different ones. Make this an annual event – you might even request handmade ornaments. Hmmm, that may be pushing it!

Have a caroling party. Better still, go by horse drawn sleighs or carriages. Be sure to hand out song sheets with the words. Visit a rest home, as well as friends. Then come home to a chili or soup party!!

Bring a sense of secrets and surprises into your house by leaving love notes or tiny surprises under pillows, at the breakfast table, on the steering wheel of the car, or in someone’s pocket or briefcase.

Expand Secret Santa’s to your friends. Draw names with a group of friends and be “secret pals” for a week. Send wine and cheese in a taxi. Arrange for a Chinese dinner to arrive. Write a greeting in the snow and hang a candy bar on a tree outside your friend’s home.

Have an “off limits” Christmas room. Wrap presents as you buy them and enjoy wrapping them. Code them with the numbers cross referenced in a notebook so that sneaky children can't.

Write your Christmas cards – a few each day for 4 weeks or more – you’ll enjoy it and your friends will receive a present from your heart!

Sooty footprints on the carpet from the fireplace makes a very convincing visual argument for Santa.

Have a child’s drawing made into a Christmas card at your local printer.

Watch “The Sound of Music”, “White Christmas”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, “The Nutcracker”, or “The Snowman” as a family.

Spend time reading aloud to someone special – by firelight.

Remember an elderly relative, neighbor, or sick friend. Make batches of soup, stews, pasta sauces, and one-dish meals and freeze them. This will make their life a little easier. You’ll be older, but wiser, one day, too soon.






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